Panelists (L-R)Callum Blue (Actor Princess Diaries 2), Jeff Gross (Audio/Foley/Sound Sony), John Murphy (Composer - Guardians Of The Galaxy V3), Alan Roderick Jones (Set-Designer - Star Wars), Katie Garibaldi (Music Supervisor - The King's Daughter), Marc Benardout (Producer/Director - He Went That Way), Paul Tamasy (Writer/Producer/Director - The Fighter), Bud Myrick (Visual Effects Designer - Disney/Hulu), Steve Neil (Props/Director - Star Trek), Michael Greenspan - Wrecked)

Showcase Your Brand AT SIMI Film Fest

At SIMI Film Fest, we partner with forward-thinking brands that are eager to connect with and inspire the next generation of groundbreaking filmmakers. As a sponsor of SIMIFF, your brand will not only gain extensive exposure but also play a pivotal role in fostering the talents of independent filmmakers. This partnership offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with innovation and creativity, ensuring a lasting impact on the film community and beyond.

SIMIFF Builds Community With Sponsors



Your generous participation helps goes well beyond the financial support needed. Let's be creative together. We'd love you to be involved in ways where you can truly shine. We live outside the box, so all options are open in how we can elevate each other.



SIMIFF provides you with the unique opportunity for your brand or business to connect genuinely with your audience. We would love for you to have a presence to not only demonstrate your offering as a company, but to truly connect with the attendees. 



Your involvement makes it possible for indie filmmakers from all over the world to showcase their films on the big screen, and provides them with education and tools that will inspire them to bring their diverse voices and stories to new heights.

Sponsorship Tiers

Partner with SIMIFF to promote your brand, connect with your audience, get media coverage, and be a part of something truly special in our community!

We offer various sponsorship tiers. Speak with us about customized opportunities. We are happy to work with you to create a sponsorship option that best aligns with your brand and goals.

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Join SIMIFF 2024 and get in on the action of a game-changing event!

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