At: Studio Movie Grill
Simi Valley Town Center
Sept 17-19 3pm-10pm

Congratulations To The SIMIFF 2023 Winning Films!

SIMIFF trophies lr

Best Actor

Luke Rex - Bonding


Best Actress

Laura Vandervoort - Age of Dysphoria


Best Supporting Actor

Darren Lipari - Bonding


Best Supporting Actress

Kathryn Erbe - The Bond


Best Director

Jahmil Eady - The Bond


Best Music

Matthew Chilelli - Ball & Vase


Best Music Placement



Best Visual FX



Best Writing

Zoe Robyn - Age of Dysphoria


Best Set Design



Best Cinematography

Andrey Nikolaev - Storm


Best First Time Filmmaker

Annika Hylmö - Dr. Penelope


Best Originality/Creativity



Best Editing

Kevin Barile - Agent Red 2


Best Stunts

Agent Red 2


Best Makeup & Hair

Lauren McMahon - String


Best Wardrobe

Keren Rosenthal - Vida


Best Comedy


Best Horror/Thriller



Best Drama

The Bond


Best Documentary

The Bright Path


Best Magical Realism



Best Action



Best Music Film

Discovering Ella


Best Of Ventura County

Uncommon Negotiator


Awareness Advocacy Award

Why Me!?

A Celebration Of Cinema
Where studio pros, independent filmmakers & public converge

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Congratulations To The SIMIFF 2023 Selected Filmmakers

The Judges Of SIMIFF 2023 have chosen a variety of excellent films that showcase the talent within multiple genres of filmmaking in the independent world. From Horror to Drama, Thrillers & Sci-fi to Documentaries, From Ukraine to Spain, Canada to USA, Puerto Rico to Hawaii we are proud to showcase them at SIMI Film Fest! Congratulations to the following films, directors and their cast and crews for making movies worthy of being selected to play this year:

459 (dir. Malcolm Bodon)

A Conversation With My Father (dir. Steve Neill)

A Rambling Rose (dir. Jill Bernshouse)

Age of Dysphoria (dir. Jessica Petelle)

Agent Red 2 (dir. Kevin Barile)

American Dream (dir. Angela Garcia Combs)

An Unkept Secret (dir. Joe Koch)

Back Home (dir. Bailey Castle)

Ball & Vase (dir. David Baram)

Between Here and Gone (dir. Sadie Duarte)

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles (dir. Lisa Cole)

Bonding (dir. Luke Rex)

Broken Worlds: The Island (dir. Robyn Flanery)

But Something is There (dir. Steve Neill)



Caught (dir. Halli Lorenzato)

Choices (dir. Kameishia D Wooten)

Convection (dir. Stacey Davis)

Covid Book Club (dir. Kim Furst)

Discovering Ella (dir. Kathi Carey)

Dr. Penelope (dir. Annika Hylmo)

Good Vibrations (dir. Peter Fox)

Halcyon Days (dir. Mark Berbano)

Liminal (dir. Elizabeth Scott)

Moon (dir. Toy Lei)

No Dogs Allowed (dir. Kane Keenan Pilapil)

Penny (dir. Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid)

Senseless (dir. Seth Dacio)

Shelane (dir. Melanie Thompson)


Somewhere (dir. Alexander Craven)

Storm (dir. Lena Tsodykovskaya)

String (dir. Ryan Parsons)

The Amytal Therapy (dir. Valentina Caniglia)

The Bond (dir. Jahmil Eady)

The Bright Path (dir. Iryna Riabenka)

The Dreamtime (dir. Steve Neill)

The Girl Next Door (dir. Donna Wheeler)

The Needle (dir. Casey de Fremery)

This and That (dir. Katie Garibaldi)

Uncommon Negotiator (dir. Brian Glassford)

Undercover (dir. Jake Reardon)

Val-e-ree (dir. Samantha D Lavin)

Vida (dir. Maria Valdez)

Why Me!? (dir. Delores M Flynn)

Sunday 17th Program Schedule:

Red Carpet Event

September 17 2-3:30pm

Join us on the Red Carpet as the filmmakers and VIP panelists converge to celebrate making movies

Opening Ceremony

September 17 3:30-4pm

The Official Opening to SIMIFF 2023. Catch a preview of all films screening, the panelists & the nominees

Panel - Turning Director

September 17 4-5pm

Join Paul Tamasy, Marc Benardout and Callum Blue who have crossed lines into the role of director

Networking & 1-on-1

September 17 5-6pm

ALL ACCESS BADGE HOLDERS will be given a chance to meet 1-on-1 with the panelists + FILMingle Networking

S1 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 4

September 17 5:30-7:30pm

Dr. Penelope
No Dogs Allowed
Good Vibrations
Back Home
Halcyon Days
This and That

AWD Pre-Screening Event Theater 5

September 17 6-6:15pm

The Alliance Of Women Directors will be hosting a welcome introduction to their sponsored screening block. All are welcome to attend and get to learn about the work AWD does!

S2 AWD SCREENING + Q&A Theater 5

September 17 6:15-8:10pm

Age Of Dysphoria
Discovering Ella
Why Me!?


September 17 7:30-8:45pm

A FILMingle Sponsored Networking event in the lobby. Get to better know your fellow filmmakers. Use this time to assemble your next cast and crew.

S3 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 4

September 17 8:15-10:15pm

The Bond
Agent Red 2

S4 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 5

September 17 8:45-10:45pm

The Amytal Therapy
The Needle

MONday 18th Program Schedule:

M1 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 4

September 18 3-4:30pm

But Something Is There
The Dreamtime
A Conversation With My Father

M2 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 5

September 18 3:45-5:30pm

The Bright Path
Between Here And Gone

Panel - Aliens & Sets Theater 4

September 18 4:30-5:30pm 

Join Steve Neill & Alan Roderick Jones Designers of Star Wars & Star Trek Sets, Models and Makeup

Networking & 1-on-1

September 18 5:30-6pm

ALL ACCESS BADGE HOLDERS will be given a chance to meet 1-on-1 with the panelists + FILMingle Networking

Panel - Budgeting & Low Footprint VFX

September 18 6-7pm

Join Bernice Howes and Thomas Hollier as they share insights of how to raise the level of your money, your production & low-footprint VFX

Networking & 1-on-1

September 18 7-8pm

ALL ACCESS BADGE HOLDERS will be given a chance to meet 1-on-1 with the panelists + FILMingle Networking

M3 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 4

September 18 7:30-9:30pm

The Girl Next Door
Covid Book Club
Bienvenidos a Los Angeles
Uncommon Negotiator

M4 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 5

September 18 8-10pm

An Unkept Secret
(A Simi Valley Made Feature Film)

Tuesday 19th Program Schedule:

Panel - A Case Study: Using VFX To Tell The Story In Low Budget Indie Films

September 19 3-4pm

Join Bud Myrick and Michael Greenspan as they delve deep into a real-world example of making VFX on a low budget production...

Networking & 1-on-1

September 19 4-4:30pm

ALL ACCESS BADGE HOLDERS will be given a chance to meet 1-on-1 with the panelists + FILMingle Networking

T1 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 5

September 19 4:15-6:15pm

A Rambling Rose
Broken Worlds: The Island

T2 SCREENING + Q&A Theater 4

September 19 4:30-6:30pm

American Dream
Ball & Vase


September 19 6:15-6:45pm

A FILMingle Sponsored Networking event in the lobby. Get to better know your fellow filmmakers. Use this time to assemble your next cast and crew.

Panel - SOUNDS Great

September 19 6:45-7:45pm

Join John Murphy, Simon Franglen, Jeff Gross and Katie Garibaldi as they share their experiences on making sure your picture sounds GREAT!

Networking & 1-on-1

September 19 7:45-8:30pm

ALL ACCESS BADGE HOLDERS will be given a chance to meet 1-on-1 with the panelists + FILMingle Networking

Award Ceremony

September 19 8:30-10pm

The SIMIFF 2023 Award Ceremony concludes the festival for 2023. 25 Awards will be handed out to talented cast, crew and high quality films chosen from the list of nominees.

The excitement is palpable throughout Simi Valley as the entire community comes together to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. With the steadfast support of the City of Simi Valley and The Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce, local businesses are joining forces to provide SIMIFF guests with the finest offerings the city has to present.
Simi Valley Is Where It's All Happening
How many chances do you get to meet the people behind big productions? Well, here's your chance. Aside from screening a host of quality, independent movies SIMIFF is all about connecting YOU with the professional film industry. Everyone who attends will come away with more knowledge, greater inspiration, and resources to elevate the quality of their next film. Join us at SIMIFF, where you will grow your network, your talent and your future opportunities within the film business.

SIMIFF Panels Of Film Industry Professionals

Learn from industry pioneers and hone your craft with expert panels covering all aspects of filmmaking, including financing, producing, directing, acting, post-production, and more. Seize the opportunity to have 1-1 meetings with top studio executives.

Field Trip To Independent Studios

Embark on exclusive studio field trips designed to cater to the needs of independent filmmakers, providing access to facilities that are typically difficult to find. Unlock opportunities to elevate your craft and advance to the next level.

Screening Room at Studio Movie Grill for SIMIFF

Experience a curated selection of films that showcase the finest talents in local, national, and international cinema, pushing the boundaries and inspiring creativity. Don't miss the opportunity to see the best in independent filmmaking.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

No one succeeds alone. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher, inspire you to do better and push the boundaries of what you think is possible. Brought to you by FILMingle, powerful networking sessions are thoughtfully designed to facilitate networking and foster lasting connections, making it comfortable and effortless for you to meet the right people.

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